Sri Lankan Tapas Night

Sri Lankan Tapas Night

Taste Sri Lanka’s vibrant flavors at Cacao Bean Restaurant & Café’s Tapas Night. Experience diverse, delectable small plates showcasing the island’s culinary heritage.


Cashew Nut & Chickpea Curry
Soft Cashew Nuts & Split Chickpeas Cooked in Tomato & Coconut Sauce, curry Leaves (N)
Parippu ( Dhal Curry )
Red Lentils Cooked in Sri Lankan Spices & Coconut Milk
Potato Tempered
Turmeric Marinated Soft Potato Cooked With Onion & Mustard Seeds, Chopped Coriander (M)
Black Spiced Jack Fruit Curry
Roasted Spices , Slow Cooked in Clay Pots, Served With Curry Leaves


Brinjol Moju
(Warm Pickled Aubergine Relish)
Pol Sambal
(Spicy, Grated Coconut)
Steamed Basmati Rice£4.00
Coconut Roti (G)£4.00
Papadum & Mango Chutney (G)£3.00
Katta Sambal
( Hot Chilli Paste With Lime & Tomato )
Chicken Kothu (G)
(Finely Chopped Roti Mixed With Chicken and Vegetables)


Grilled Pineapple & Coconut Caramel ,lime Sorbet 5
Ice Cream (Ask for Options)

Sri Lankan Menu

Lamb Roti
Curried, Minced Lamb Pancake, Yoghurt Dressing (G/d)
Fish Roti
Curried, Minced Tuna Pancake, Lime Curry Sauce (G)
Vegetable Roti
Mixed Vegetable Cooked in Mild Spices, Pancake, Lime Wedge (G)
Lamb Rolls
Deep-fried Savoury Pancakes Filled With Lamb, Spicey Potatoes
Served With Mild Chilli Chutney (G)
Fish Rolls
Deep-fried Savoury Pancake Filled With Tuna, Spicey Potatoes Served With Mild Chilli Chutney (G)
Chicken Patties
Spicy Chicken & Butter Pastry (D/G)
Fish & Egg Rolls
Filled With a Vegetable – Tuna Filling, Boiled Egg (G)
Sri Lankan Fish Cake Tuna-filled, Deep-fried Spiced Potato Croquettes (G)£5.00



Authentic Brown Chicken Curry Roasted Brown Mild Curry Powder & Tamarind, Cooked in Curry Leaves, Tomatoes£10.00
Kalu Pol Beef Curry Sun Dried Marinated Cumin, cardamom, Turmeric, coriander Seeds, Curry Leaves, Pandan Leaves, Slow Braised Beef£12.00
Lamb Curry
Lamb Cooked in Spicey Sauce and Tomatoes
String Hoppers, Served With Coconut Curry, Pol Sambol Steamed Rice Flour Thin Noodles, Served With Grated Coconut Salad (G)£9.00
Tiger Prawn Curry Prawns Cooked in Mild Coconut Sauce & Tomato, Pandan Leaves, lemon and Cardamom£12.00
Devilled Calamari Crispy Fried Calamari, Cooked in Develled Spicy Tomato Sauce Served With Pepper & Tomatoes, Sprinkled With Chilli Flakes (G)£9.00

Gluten (G) Dairy (D) Nuts (N) Mustard (M)

We have strict allergen controls in place however as food allergens are present in our kitchen, we cannot 100% guarantee any menu items will be completely free from particular allergens. Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions.