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Taste of

Check out our amazing Sri Lankan Tapas menu available during dinner service at Cacao Bean Restaurant & Café.
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 6PM- 11PM

Small bites

Banana blossom & potato rollsfleshy, purple skinned flower with potato and spices£5.00
Mixed vegetable patis£5.50
Jack fruit cutlet with kiri hodiSteamed, shredded tender jack fruit combined with spices and fragrant coconut milk gravy£4.50


Potato tempered (ala thel dala)Devilled potato kari£7.50
Brinjal majuRoasted aubergine with lemon juice, coriander, tomato, palm vinaigrette (Sri Lankan style aubergine salad)£8.50
Sri Lankan dhal kari , fried onionRed lentil flavoured with coconut milk, curry leaves and spices£5.00
“mum’s jack fruit”Jack fruit kari – using hand-picked, sun dried and mixed spices by kushan’s mum£7.50
Coconut cabbage & carrot kari£6.50
Potato & beetroot kari£5.50

Non Vegetarian

Sri Lankan Style Fish (Salmon) Kari£12.50
Jaggery Beef KariA Combination of Sweet and Spicy, Jaggery is a Natural Sweetener Undefined Brown Sugar of Palm Sap£13.50
Mild Authentic Sri Lankan Chicken Kari£10.50
Grilled Tiger Prawns, Coriander Tomatoe Salsa£12.50
Develled SquidFlavourful, Spicy and Hot With a Sweet Twist Mixed With Capsicum Peppers and Fried Onion£11.50

Fresh salads

Kohlrabi SaladTomato, Onion, Lime, Thinly Sliced Kohlrabi£5.00
Sri Lankan Style Cucumber Salad£4.00
Lady Finger (Okra) SaladRoasted Okra, Mild Spices, Sun Blushed Tomato, Parsley and Lemon£5.50


Seeni SambolSpicy Caramelised Onion Relish£2.00
Coriander Chutney£2.00
Mango Chutney£2.00
Vegetable Rice£6.00
Coconut Sambol£4.00
Hoppers (Appam)Bowl Shaped Pancakes Made From Fermented Rice Flour and Coconut Milk£4.00
Egg Hoppers£5.00
String Hoppers (Idiyappam) With Kiri Hodi£6.50
Sri Lankan Vegetable Rice £6.00
Coconut RotiFlat Bread With Grated Coconut£4.00
Crispy PapadumLentil Crackers£2.00
String Hoppers (Idiyappam) With Kiri Hodi£6.50
Vegetable KottuVegetable Mixed With Roti£6.50


Watalappan Coconut Custard Pudding£6.00
Grilled Pineapple, Coconut & Rum Caramel, Lime Sorbet£6.00


Coconut Custard Pudding£5.00
Passion Fruit Martini£5.00

*Kari – Sri Lankan way to write curry* – 12.5 % Service Charge